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Sargasso Sea  #2 - aquarium (2022)

Sargasso Sea is an ongoing artistic research and poetic exploration of processes of destruction and regeneration in the ocean. In the second part Sargasso Sea #2 - Aquarium, the audience is invited to dive through different aquatic landscapes together with the performers over the course of four hours.  In a walk-through aquarium, we encounter bleached coral reefs that can only be saved by the revenge of Medusa. We stumble upon the regrowing body of the sea snail Elysia, are captivated by the songs of the sirens, and become entangled in a carpet of algae in the middle of the North Atlantic. Surrounded by these creatures, a thoughtful essay unfolds about our interconnectedness with other life forms, about loss and maritime wonders.

On the artistic research process:

Inspired by the features of the alga Sargassum, which provides shelter and nourishment for a variety of marine animals and organisms on the high seas, the research project Sargasso Sea creates a symbolic habitat for artistic practices: Following the principle of recycling, artists from different disciplines are invited to fragment, rethink or recontextualize already finished materials from previous artistic processes in this environment. Their dances, sculptures, videos, voices and working methods interweave with the stories from the sea to form a multimedia performance. 

Initiated by Heike Bröckerhoff


By and with Moritz Frischkorn, Ilona Klein, Ben Nurgenç, Benjamin Petersen, Anibal dos Santos, Nour Sokhon and further artistic contributions by geheimagentur and Kerstin Möller

Collaboration Stage design: Nick Buckenauer

Technical support: Lasse Junge

Advice on light design: Sofia Baronner  

Communication consulting: Hannah Jacob 

Layout Poster: Farah Gamal

Video documentation: Jonas Sercombe

TANKE / Hanover

14.10. + 15.10.2022 / 18 - 22 Uhr

16.10.2022 / 14 - 18 Uhr

Sargasso Sea #2 - Aquarium can be visited as long as desired.

Entry is possible at any time and free of charge. 


Languages: German and English spoken language, some parts are translated



Workshop: Sea Creatures of the Future

for participants between 6 and 12 years old

In the workshop we want to speculate with you about the future of the oceans. We will design new sea creatures with pen and paper. We will think about how these sea creatures talk to each other, how they breathe, whether they sing, what special skills they have and how they maintain their habitat. With sound artist Nour Sokhon and set and costume designer Ilona Klein, we'll bring the creatures to life, and at the end of the workshop, we'll ceremoniously escort them to our Wunderkammer.

Sargasso Sea #2 - Aquarium is a production by Heike Bröckerhoff, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR and Friedrich Stiftung Hannover.

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